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Fade To Black Series

“They will be strong together Bea.” He said, scooping her up in his arms, “And you can watch the whole way.”

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black would rise once more.

This time? Headed by her daughters.

Part One of Fade to Black Series

Beatrice of the Fae is back from the Fae Realm.

She missed her family too much to enjoy immortality.

Part Two of Fade To Black Series


The Prince Coven Series

On the morning of November the first 1981, Petunia Dursley nee Evans finds a freezing baby boy on her stoop.

In this world, Petunia and Lily have been corresponding in secret for years.

In this world, Petunia has had enough of Vernon's abuse of her and Dudley, and the prospect of protecting two defenseless magical children from her oaf of a husband is daunting.

So she calls for help...

and in doing so she dooms Albus Dumbledore and Thomas Riddle.

Series Order (So Far)

The Gaunt-Prince Arrangement

The Evans- Potter Legacy

The Deranged Strange-Blacks

“He’s safe.” James said smiling down at their son. “Why are we still here?”

Lily didn’t have a clue.

“Lils? Did you call Voldy your Uncle?”

The most the family magic had done in centuries was drive family members insane. But he and Bellatrix were Blessed, they both knew it. But they knew enough to never speak about it while their fathers and Grandfathers lived unless they wanted to be hexed more.

He and Bellatrix had the potential to lead their wretched house into a new era. They only had to take what was rightfully theirs and save their family when the opportunity came.

Personally, he couldn’t wait.