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What if Troy Otto was in charge of Broke Jaw Ranch?

This fic follows my OC Helen, a girl on the cusp of womanhood trying to navigate her deadly world after the world as she knew it ended.

Rated M- Heed the Tags

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Power Over Me


Beth and her family agree that she’s responsible enough to go on the church’s mission trip to an orphanage in Central America, despite her omega status. She had plenty of suppressants and a responsible chaperone in their pastor. Everything was fine until the world ended a month in to her trip..... 

Rated M.  

ABOverse with a bit of soulmark trope.


A Power Over Me Sequel

Maggie Rhee did not like the thought of Merle spending so much time alone with her brother-in-law. Merle was family, but he was trouble. She had a feeling Troy was even more dangerous than Merle… and unlike Merle she wasn’t sure Troy was a guy she wanted to have at her back in a fight. She might get stabbed.

Rated M

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Broken Crown


Rated M

The Fey are not only the dominant species in The Isles, but the world. Nimue is training to be High Priestess of her people, like all women in her line before her. Until one day when an envoy of The Ash King arrives in her village and she finds Mother and The Hidden have Joined her with The King, without her knowledge.

Why did the King choose to take her from her devotions? What did he need of her? Was King Lancelot as brutal as she had heard or was there more to the story of The Ash King?



Rating: M (with a bit of E)

Main Pairing: Nimue/Lancelot

Two children from powerful unions would be born with an affinity for all four natural elements. Once Joined the two would be an unstoppable force, saviors of the Fey.

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Marvel FanFiction


The Punisher (Netflix)
Billy Russo/OC

When Izzy's Abuela dies, she is left alone in the world once more. Luckily for her, Abuela's favorite foster son had promised Abeula he would be her guardian.

Billy seems like a heaven-sent guardian in a world that treats omegas like children no matter what age they are. He's kind, he lets her do what she wants as long as she's home by curfew, and when he's deployed she lives with his best friend's family, who instantly feel like a second family to Izzy.

It doesn't take long for her to start seeing another side of Billy though, a side that she's a little scared of.

Rated M:
NONCON/DUBCON- Because of typical Omega verse troupes, the infantilization of omegas, claiming etc...
VIOLENCE- Because of Billy