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Posted on August 8, 2015 at 6:30 PM

I've caught up on all the fic i've lost last year when my computer crashed, I'm now ready to move on to new plots that I hadn't written before!


Thanks for your patience! Please let me know if you have a preference for my next teen wolf fic (options in the section below).


Also, sorry if i'm not the best at responding to PMs and asks, i'm trying to get better.


Currently Working On...


1. "We Remain, The Original Family" (Chapters 15-21)

These chapters will show us glimpses of the Mikaelson family in the years between facing of with Dahlia and the return of an old foe. Chapter fifteen will wrap up part one, and tease part two, and chapter 16-21 will be non-chronological snapshots of the family’s life in the years between part one and part two.


I have new photo edits to come when I start posting the new chapters, and I’m excited for them.


2. "The Wolves of Beacon Hills" (part 7-9)

Still accepting prompts! A few of you have been requesting to see Erica’s first stealth exercise since TSW ended, so that will be apart of an upcoming update. I know some of you were upset with the last update so I’ll try for a bit more fluff.

Also any ideas for the name of Andi's kid? boy? girl? name prefenece?


3. Untitled Boyd/Erica canon complaint oneshot (teen wolf fandom) On the teen wolf page here, it’s entitled “A Future” but i’m not sure I want to go with that title.



4. Untitled Brotp!Sciles fic- teen wolf fandom, a series of oneshots (4-6 one shots) (not yet on my homepage)


Summary: in many realities Stiles and Scott are best friends, and in some of them their children end up being best friends too...or lovers...or enemies...


The first two chapters will be related to the AR’s of The Wolves of Beacon Hills, and I’d Be Good To You from there I will accept prompts or make up AR’s.



5. "She was Laura's" (tentative title)-Teen Wolf fandom, Soulmate AU 3-5 chapters.(some info on my teen wolf page)


Pairings: Derek/Paige (past), Laura/Erica (unrequited) and current Derek/Erica. Will post when I have half of it finished. This has been in the works for awhile so i’m excited to get it out there.



6. "On The Prowl" (tentative title)- teen wolf fandom. 5-7 chapters, some info on my homepage


Werewolf!Lydia/Erica Season 2 AU, will post when half finished.

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