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Memo from Nebula. (Story Outtake-chap 8)

Posted on July 16, 2013 at 8:45 AM

This would go out during chapter 8, but I problally won't add it in the fanfiction. Happens after Torres is Promotted.

ATTN: All Personel- Uss Voyager

STARDATE: 48439.8

SUBJECT: Assitance Needed Science Divisions

CC: Command Crew – USS Voyager

Captain Kathryn Janeway

Commander Chakotay

Lieutenant Commander Tuvok - Chief of Security

Lieutenant Tom Paris – Chief Flight Controller

Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres – Chief Engineer

Ensign Harry Kim – Chief Operations Officer

The Doctor/EMH - Chief Medical Officer


Medical Sciences: The Doctor and I are requesting that any person with expericece in healing volenteer for medical training. The Doctor cannot leave the sickbay and his only assitant is myself, who runs a whole department on her own. We would like to begin trianing either feild medics or apprectances to the Doctor as soon as possible. Some one who can go on away missions or assit the Doctor in sickbay when I am otherwise occupied. 

Social and Reaseacrh Sciences: It seems that since the reserch sciences have no official leader, their commanding officer will be me for the time being. I am asking that if anyone would like to assit me in keeping my counseling and liason duties for all the science divisions together and/or train as an alternate counselor. I would perfer this person to have had a background in social sciences, but it is not a requirement.

Also, Crewman Kes is starting an airoponics bay so we can grow our own food. If anyone can offer her your assitance I am sure she would appreciate that. And give a thank you to Crewman Neelix the next time you see him, as he has assigned himself as Voyager's Morale Officer, and he says he is an excellent chef.

Thank you for your time,

Nebula Aurora

Ships Counselor

Head of Social Sciences

USS Voyager

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