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Cast of Characters

Posted on June 25, 2013 at 12:10 AM

This list includes only the people mentioned so for in the story. Where they worked, thier job titles etc... Later when people start dying or leavin the ship The Names will be listed like this. When I add individuals in each update I will put a "*" next to their name.

Update Number 1-  (June 25, 2013)- Spoilers for Chapters 1 to 6. And Season one of Star Trek Voyager (as somethings on here do not happen for a few more episodes/chapters).

Update Number 2- (September 21, 2013)- Spoilers for Chapters 7-11.

My Life in the Delta Quadrant- Cast of Characters


Senior Officers

Kathryn Janeway - Captain

Commander Chakotay –First Officer

Lieutenant CommanderTuvok – Second Officer/Chief of Security /Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Tom Paris –Chief Flight Controller/ Medic

Lieutenant B’ElannaTorres – Chief Engineer

Ensign Harry Kim –Chief Operations Officer

The Doctor/EmergencyMedical Hologram/Dr. Lewis – Chief Medical Officer

Crewman Nebula Aurora –Ships Counselor/Medic/Head of Social Sciences


Bridge Crew

Captain Kathryn Janeway

Commander Chakotay

Lieutenant CommanderTuvok

Lieutenant Tom Paris

Ensign Harry Kim

Engsin T’Lara Jones


Science Division

Medical Sciences

The Doctor/EMH/Dr. Lewis – Chief Medical Officer

Nurse Kendra Wu – Assistant Medical Officer

Lieutenant Tom Paris - Medic

Crewman Nebula Aurora –Medic

Social Sciences

Crewman Nebula Aurora – Ships Counselor/Head of Social Sciences

Crewman Renia Luxe – Deputy Head of Social Sciences

Crewman Neelix – MoraleOfficer/Ambassador/Head Chef

Crewman Kes –Airponics Bay


Other Science Personnel- include specialties in astrophysics ,astrometrics, exobiology, geosciences.. etc

Ensign Samantha Wildman – Exobiology/ Head of Research Sciences

Crewman/ Doctor T’Pera – Genetics/ Deputy Head of Research Sciences

Nadina Jones – Xeno-Sociology


Operations/ Communications

Ensign Harry Kim – Chief Operations Officer



Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres – Chief Engineer

Ensign Vorik

Crewman Maxine Greye



Lieutenant Commander Tuvok –Chief of Security /Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Ayala

Lieutenant Tamara Wilde

Crewman Ro Dania



No Civilians at this point

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