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OC's So Far...

Posted on June 9, 2013 at 2:35 PM


OC's mentioned in Chapter's 5 and 6 of My Life in the Delta Quadrant.

  • Delta Aurora- Not an OC,in cannon but only for one episode. I named her and she will be apart of the story. Along with her 'sister' Mezoti Aurora she will only be seen in flash-forwards until much later.
  • Astra and Atlas Aurora - future twins of Nebula. Oldest of her biological children. Appear mostly human. Like thier older sisters they will only be seen in flash-forwards for now.
  • 4 Un-named Aurora Children- 2 boys and 2 girls, biological children of Nebula. Unlike their older siblings they have strong Astraian features. They are only seen in flash forwards for now.
  • Nadina Jones - Former Maqius, assigned to Science Labs. Roommate to T'Pera. Half sister of T'Lara. Nadina is the product of a human mother and a Orion father, although she never met her father, she and her sister are products of one night stands.
  • T'Lara Jones- Starfleet relief bridge officer. Roommate of Dania. Half Sister of Nadina. T'Lara is the product of a human mother and a Vulcan father, but never met her father as she and her sister are products of one night stands.
  • Ro Dania- Former Maquis, Current security officer. Friends with Nadina. Roommate to T'Lara. She is a Bajorian and was born into an occupied Bajor.
  • Renia Luxe- Former Maquis, Currently works in engineering. Roommate of Maxine Greye. In a relationship with Tamara Wilde. Spent her childhood being passed between her families on the Trill homeworld and Betazed.
  • Tamara Wilde- Former Maquis, Now Lt Jr Grade, Security officer. In a relationship with Renia Luxe. Knew Maxine Greye as a child. Was at Starfleet Academy for a year before dropping out to travel, on these travels she met her current partner Renia.

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