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Future Glimpses Part One

Posted on June 4, 2013 at 4:10 AM

Don't continue reading this if you have not read Chapter 5, don't want me to give you more info on chapter 5 or have not seen all of ST :Voyager and intend too !!! This entry might spoil a ton of things or confuse the heck out of you!!!!

Did you stop reading?

Okay. Good.

So in Chapter 5 of "My Life in the Delta Quadrant: The Begining" Nebula had the chance to see not only snipppets of  what was happening around her while she was in a coma but also saw glimpses of one possible future for her and others. And some parts of these visions may have been familiar to fans of Star Trek. These visions may have been confusing, and may have brought up feeling of "LOUISA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING". Those are reasonable feelings to have so here are some awnsers to some big picture questions before I get into explaining the visions.

  1. Am I messing with the timeline of the show? No, and I have no intention to do so. The final two scenes she saw are in the DISTANT future, not the immeadiate. So you won't see anyone before they show up in the show, unless of course Nebula decides to get another vision or two.
  2. No, I will not have Nebula telling everyone their futures. That will change how they reacted on the show. She will not go around telling people they shouldn't go on this away mission or should avoid this route etc. And her visions won't be super reliable anyway, she dosen't know exactly what will happen, nor does she know everything. Just bits and peices. I call her ability limited precognition. when she gets a vision it will be short, uneasily interpreted and they will happen infrequently.
  3. What exactly are the limits of Nebula's abilities? As I wrote in the blog about Astraian Biology "super human" abilities of Astraians include but are not limited too: "eidetic memory,telepathy, empathy, precognition, and telekinesis. also due to the hypersensitivityof their neurons these people often exhibits heightened senses (hearing, sight,smell, taste and touch) as well". But Nebula is not fully Astraian, and not all Astraians exibit all these abilities (excepte for heightened senses, every person of Astraian blood has heightend senses).  
  4. So here is the offical scope of Nebula's abilities for the record:  precognition (very limited), limited empathy (can only feel strong emotions), and a nearly edietic memory. FYI: Nebula only remembers things she is engaged in. Given her heightend senses she hears most conversations. But she can "tune out" the conversation. So while she still hears it she will not remember who said what. And she doesn't remember everything from her school days. For instance, her father died in an engineering accident when she was a teen. So if she were requiered to take additional engineering classes she would be attentive enough to be able to pass the class but she won't remember it because she was not focused on the material. If she "tunes" something out. Her brain will process it, but it will not store it for very long.
  5. This fic had no official "Ships". I was going to have Nebula end up with Chakotay but I decided that made absolutly no sense at all. She will have a crush on him for a short period of time but when she end up with somebody (or sombodies) it will most likely be an OC/OC pairing. Mostly the pairings will stay the same as they were on the show, except maybe I will pair Harry with someone...IDK just yet how I will play that.

Now for the Glimpses of the Future...

Vision A: I saw friendships with all of these new people. Kes, Torres, Paris, Neelix, The Doctor, and with a few people I have yet to meet. I saw a community take shape on this ship I saw children being born. Aunt Katie and her first officer Chakotay flirting incessantly. I saw others join us. I saw hardships, I saw loses, I saw hope. We met new species, we met my father's species, I found love and we finally got home. My mother met her grandchildren. I met my brother's family.

  • This is striaghtforward enough I think. There will be more kids than just Naomi. Nebula will fight for fraternization rules to be lessened. And after I post more about Astraian Sociology you will understand why she did this, and why she seems so focused on making a community. (Remember, her people basically live on a giant space ship. A ship so large a Borg cube would feel tiny, if it had feelings.) Yes, I am keepig the Chakotay/Janeway sexual tension going, but I haven't decided if they will get together when we get back to the Federation or if I will keep the Chakotay/Seven romance. Other's join, just like in the show. People will die, just like in the show. Bad stuff and good stuff wil happen. We will offically meet the Astraians (around season 6-7 I wrote the scene already). And Nebula isn't going to have just one partner, she will date a few people. And yes, by the time they end up back on Earth, she will have kids...which brings us to Vision B.

Vision B: I see myself sitting in the mess with a blonde woman who had a metallic object over her eye. There was a young man with similar metal on his face sitting next to her, a young girl about ten with metallic things on her face seated next to me, I was holding a small baby girl with a bit of the metallic plating as well. "Annika, would you like to hold my new daughter?"… "Counselor we have been over this, that is not my preferred name. Besides, Mezoti is a grown girl it would be difficult to hold her." The girl next to me giggled. "Aunt Annika, Momma was asking if you wanted to hold Delta."… "Yes, I was sweetie. Do you want to hold your sister instead?"… "No, Momma. Aunt Katie said I could sleep over with her Rebi and Azan. They want to show me their room."

  • This just shows that Seven, Icheb, Mezoti, Rebi, Azan and the borg baby show up. Nebula names the baby Delta and adopts Mezoti. All the borg children stay on voyager. I won't say why, I want you to read the story. But there is a reason. And I never liked the way that the baby just disappeared.

Vision C:The next scene we were in a home, we were not on Voyager any longer. "Momma! Atlas hit me."… "Astra is lying Momma! I saw, he barely touched her!" I could barely containing my laughter. The ones called Atlas and Astra looked like each other, and they both strongly resembled my mother down to her eye and hair color. There were five others getting into the fight as well, four had black hair with various colors in it. The other had brown hair and greatly resembled the girl from the previous vision. One of the boys had my purple eyes while the remaining three children had orange, bright green and bright blue Astraian eyes. All seven of them looked to be twelve or younger. "If you all don't stop fighting in the next few moments I can always ask your teachers to assign more homework because you all have way too much time on your hands." They all were quiet and ran from the room at that. I turned back to the comm. "Sorry sweetie." The young woman on screen smiled at me. "It's okay mother. As I was saying, going to school here on Earth is strange. It's not like my experiences on Voyager or Furyia but I think I am adjusting well. Grandmother makes it easier. I can't wait until the semester is over so I can see you all again. I miss you."

  • So Nebula ends up having 6 biological children (with more than one dad) and 2 adopted children.
  • Fun Fact: They are not living on earth. Mezoti hints to where Nebula and the rest of her family live. 
  • Fun Fact: We will find out that Nebula's father was the anolmaly for his family by only having 2 children. His siblings, Mother and Grandmother all had more than 2 children.
  • Fun Fact: Her oldest two children are twins: Atlas and Astra. We find out that her father has a twin sister and that they are the oldest of their siblings, and both of their names start with A's. Astra is named after the Astraians and Atlas is named after one of Nebula's paternal uncles. Nebula hints at their paternity by saying they had eyes and hair like her mother (human eyes and hair simular to Janeway's) They don't exibit Astraian traits according to her describition of them.
  • Fun Fact: She then has 4 more children, who all look Astraian but exibit different traits than hers. Only one of them has eyes simular to hers.
  • Fun Fact: Delta resembles a young Mezoti.
  • Things to ponder: Where are the childrens fathers?/Who are they? Where does the Aurora family reside? What is Nebula's job now? I am not entirely sure at the awnsers to these questions and I am open to suggestions.

Okay well that was fun! I will post about Astraian Sociology Soon! I don't want to post about the Astraian Phases just yet, as they wil not be relevant to Nebula's life until she explains them to the doctor. and that won't be for a few chapters.

Love Lou!

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