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Mikealson Island- West Wing Layout

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The West Wing of Mikaelson Castle

Has an entrane to the main castle on 1st floor

Has it's own staircase and private elevator

1st floor

Private library

Recreation room


Family room

Home theater

2nd Floor

1 large family room

3 unused bedroom suites

1 will be for Soren and A...

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We Remain... Main Characters

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We Remain, The Original Family: Main Characters

UPDATED: Aug *, 2015...Spoilers Part One (up to chapter 14)

The Mikaelson Siblings

Aaron Mikaelson- Original Vampire/Witch

Freya Mikaelson- WitchOriginal Vampire/Witch

Elijah Mikaelson- Original Vampire

Finn Mikaelson -Original Vampire

Niklaus Mikaelson - Original Hybrid

Kol Mikaelson - Original Vampire/Witch

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Mikaelson Family: Next Generation

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Photos of My OC's

Erik Mikaelson (FC: Kellan Lutz)

Ingrid Mikaelson (FC: Lucy Hale)

Leif and Alec Mikealson (FC:Micheal B Jordan)

Elya Mikealson (FC: Daniel Sharman)

Sonia Mikealson (FC: Lyndsy Fonseca)

Lynnea Mikealson (FC: Chloe Grace Moretz)

Astrid Mikealson (FC:Lily Collins)

We Remain... Chapter Guide

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Prolouge: 2032

Chapter One: Royals

Chapter Two: New Year

Chapter Three: New Mikaelsons

Chapter Four: The Western Woods

Chapter Five: Tally

Chapter Six: The Lost Mikaelson

Chapter Seven: Seven Devils

Chapter Eight: Sororicide

Chapter Nine: Transitions

Chapter Ten: Home For The Holidays

Chapter Eleven: Grief and Longing

Chapter Tweleve: Devil Mum and Mikey

Chapter Thirteen: Together As One

Chapter Fourteen: Down...

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