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My Life in The Delta Quadrant

A Star Trek Voyager Fanfiction

Nebula Aurora is now stuck in the Delta quadrant at 22 years old. Other problems include: her reproductive phases, her new abilities, being the ships counselor, building a community on a tiny ship and her Aunt Katie who also happens to be the captain. 

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The Astraian People are a complex race from an unknown galaxy of space. These Tales explore the Nomadic Xenophobic race of individuals in the present day (The 24th Century) and the events of four millennia ago that caused them to become nomads.


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Tales takes place in the same reality as my fanfiction MLitDQ but stands alone. The Astraians are a species I made up. Their tales can stand alone, or they can give you an insight into Nebula's back story that even she dosen't have.

Tales are published on my FictionPress Account